Cortney Shegerian of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates recently issued a statement regarding the racial discrimination allegations made against Fox News by two former African-American employees. Tichaona Brown and Tabrese Wright, who both worked in payroll, claim that racially discriminating remarks made by the company’s comptroller, Judith Slater, created a hostile work environment.

“Ms. Slater repeatedly made offensive comments to Brown and Wright based on stereotypes about African-Americans,” Shegerian says. “During one meeting, she even went as far as to ask Brown to say several words out loud that she claimed African-Americans always mispronounced.”

“This demeaning behavior continued despite the fact that Wright reported it to her superiors,” Shegerian continues. “Eventually, the harassment became so severe that it interfered with the plaintiffs’ ability to do their jobs, and thus created a hostile work environment.”

“This lawsuit comes on the heels of a number of sexual harassment claims made against Fox News,” Shegerian states. “Based on these lawsuits, it is clear that Fox News has fostered a corporate culture where inappropriate behavior is tolerated.”

“Hopefully, these lawsuits will be enough to show Fox News that even though they tolerate discrimination, the law certainly will not allow it,” Shegerian says.

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