LOS ANGELES — Associate Attorney Cortney Shegerian, of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates, recently released comments on the EEOC’s $450,000 lawsuit against a Tennessee Cheddar’s franchise. The suit alleged that male managers at the restaurant violated federal sexual harassment laws by targeting a class of women workers.

“When persons in positions of authority begin to abuse that power and cross the line between proper and improper workplace conduct, the entire company suffers – even with franchises,” said Shegerian. “Especially in situations dealing with sexual harassment, the results can be devastating for employees who may not be aware of the correct avenues to take to formally address such behavior.”

“In this case, where employees attempted to inform the company about unwelcome touching and inappropriate sexual comments and jokes only to have their concerns fall on deaf ears, the damage is particularly egregious for employees,” Shegerian went on to say. “Employers who fail to respond promptly and adequately to sexual harassment complaints should definitely take note of the potential risks related to such indifference and how costly they can be.”
“Fortunately, the law offers remedies for employees who are exposed to hostile work environments and who must rely on the courts to receive the justice they deserve when employers refuse to comply with the law,” Shegerian added. “It’s important that not only women workers but all workers remain aware of their federal and state rights to come to work everyday in an environment that is free of sexually discriminatory behavior and misconduct.”

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