NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, Jan. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In an ongoing lawsuit against the technology giant Oracle, the US Department of Labor alleges that the company underpaid female and minority employees by $401 million from 2013 to 2016.

The Labor Department also alleges that Oracle intentionally shows “extreme preference” in the hiring of Asian workers with visas, because this allows them to underpay the employees. Oracle rarely hires African-American or Hispanic workers, but those that it does hire are drastically underpaid. Women employees are extremely underpaid as well.

The Labor Department found that during the four-year period they studied Oracle, 90% of the 500 recent college graduates that were hired in technical positions at the company’s Redwood City headquarters were Asian. Just six of the graduates were black and five were Hispanic.

According the Labor Department, Oracle based pay of women and minority workers on their prior salaries, which contributed to a continued wage gap between them and white male workers. The Labor Department also alleges that Oracle placed female, Asian, black, and Hispanic workers into lower paid positions.

Carney Shegerian, the founder of Los Angeles-based employee rights law firm Shegerian & Associates, has weighed in on the lawsuit.

“The allegations of systemic discrimination against minority and female employees at Oracle is indicative of a larger pattern of discrimination in the workplace,” says Shegerian.

According to the Labor Department, Oracle underpaid women in technical positions at its headquarters by a $165 million total over the course of four years, while Asian technical workers were underpaid by a total of $234 million during the same time period.


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