LOS ANGELES, May 3, 2016  — Attorney Cortney Shegerian, of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates, has released comments on the recent settlement of a sexual harassment suit launched by the executive assistant of San Diego mayor Bob Filner. The San Diego City Council has signed off on $667,000 in settlement awards to plaintiff Benelia Santos-Hunter.

“Examining the details of this case reveals a just outcome for a fact pattern that unfortunately occurs all too often in today’s workplaces,” said Shegerian. “The alleged facts definitely put the City of San Diego in a precarious position, forcing them to acknowledge that the mayor did indeed engage in harassment on an ongoing basis.”

“Hearing the plaintiff comment that it was very difficult to speak out, but the right thing to do is no surprise in a case like this one. Many employees suffer under tremendous pressure and anxiety when deciding whether to speak out about unwanted sexual advancement,” Shegerian went on to say. “However, as Ms. Santos-Hunter pointed out, speaking out is the right thing to do, especially when previous efforts to hold a deviant employer accountable have failed.”

“Here, a former investigation revealed that the San Diego mayor had a history of misconduct and sexual harassment. Despite former sanctions, his harassing behavior remained the same,” Shegerian said. “For an executive assistant, working in close contact with a repeat harasser must have been a tremendous struggle. It is good to see that the matter has been resolved in favor of a determined employee brave enough to speak out.”

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