Los Angeles started out in 1781 as a small farming community established by 14 families who traveled together for 1,000 miles across the southwest looking for better opportunities. Today, the City of Angels is the second-largest city in America, with enormous, banking, aerospace, healthcare, tourism, and entertainment industries. L.A. is also the largest manufacturing center on the West Coast, with over 500,000 people working to build apparel, computers, metal, furniture, cars, heavy machinery, and more.

Workplace Discrimination in Los Angeles

While there are many great career opportunities in L.A., employers and managers unfortunately still do not seem to understand that their most important assets are their people, and employees are disturbingly discriminated against often.

Many workers don’t understand when their rights are being violated, and have no idea just how much they could benefit from speaking to an employment discrimination lawyer. Los Angeles had an 2,200 workers filed employment complaints in 2017, representing nearly a quarter of all the complaints filed in the State of California that year. But these numbers fall far short of the truth, as thousands more employees in Los Angeles suffer through workplace harassment and never report it. They fear being fired or treated even worse than they already are, and they don’t know they have options.

At Shegerian & Associates, our highly experienced, deeply passionate team of Los Angeles employment discrimination attorneys have the experience and persistence to fight for you. For over 20 years we have advocated for our clients, and our 98% success rate demonstrates that we know what it takes to win, in or out of the courtroom, against even the largest companies and organizations.

Stand Up for Your Rights at Work with Shegerian & Associates

Whether you are a cashier at a local corner market, a welder for a metal fabricator, or head of your department at a large multinational technology company, you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at work. If you need an employment discrimination lawyer, Los Angeles has one of the best firms in the country in Shegerian & Associates.

If you have been harassed, wrongfully terminated, or discriminated against, contact Shegerian & Associates today via phone at 1-800-GOT-FIRED (1-800-468-3473) or use our online form for a free consultation. You pay nothing unless we win your case. For more information on our services, take a look at our practice areas. We are here for you.