Job Discrimination Lawyer: Glendale

The third largest city in LA County, Glendale has a population of a little over 200,000 residents. Its economy is also experiencing a boom and there is a lot of business activity and development. The city's primary economic sector is the retail industry. Several dozen large retailers have major locations in Glendale and consequently account for over 10,000 jobs! Additionally, several national corporations have offices or headquarters in Glendale and account for another 25,000 jobs.1 However, whether the economy is good or bad, and whether you work in the retail industry or any other industry in Glendale, you could still be mistreated or discriminated against by your employer. Based on statewide statistics, it is estimated that over 100 cases of employment discrimination are filed each year by residents of Glendale (with nearly 20,000 cases in the entire state).2 These numbers could decrease if you contact an employment discrimination lawyer -- Glendale needs to ensure all of its workers are being treated justly. While those statistics are, by themselves, a sign that change is needed, many suspect the actual number of mistreated employees is dramatically higher. This is because many employees who suffer maltreatment are too scared of retaliation to report or seek help. But, if you experience mistreatment and reach out to a job discrimination lawyer, Glendale has laws to protect you from retaliation. At Shegerian & Associates, we fight for our clients and will do everything under our power to right the wrongs they have endured. We have a 98% success rate, because of our dedication to our clients and their cases. We have also won hundreds of verdicts for our clients, including:

  • $21.7 Million

    Verdict in Disability Discrimination Case

    A Los Angeles jury awarded our client, April Rodriguez, $16.5 million in punitive damages when they found that her former employer had discriminated against her because of a mental disability. Furthermore, upon finding the former employer had wrongfully fired her, Rodriguez contacted an employment discrimination lawyer in Glendale, California, and her total award was raised to $21.7 million.
  • $1.9 Million

    Wrongful Termination Verdict for Glendale Employee

    Our client worked overseeing a group of students at a school. She discovered several safety regulations were being ignored and neglected, so she reported her concerns to her employer. But, she was soon fired for expressing her concerns about the safety problems at the school. A jury awarded our client $1,925,000 for her wrongful termination. Because she reached out to a job discrimination lawyer, Glendale sent a strong message to employers: Do not wrongfully terminate workers!
Employment Discrimination Lawyers: Glendale
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  2. Figures are based on comparing the total California population and discrimination cases filed to the total population of Glendale and are only an estimate.