El Monte, CA Employment Discrimination Attorneys

A diverse residential, commercial, and industrial city, El Monte has a population of 113,475 residents.  The economy of El Monte is fairly diverse, with top employers in a wide array of industries ranging from education to government to retail.  The top ten employers in the city make up well over 5,000 jobs alone! 1

Whether you live or work in El Monte, there's a chance that you may fall victim to workplace discrimination or mistreatment.  In fact, it is estimated that residents of El Monte filed over 60 cases alleging employment discrimination in 2012, and statewide in California nearly 20,000 cases were filed.2

While this may sound like a high amount of cases, in actuality it's a grossly low number when compared to the actual acts of discrimination and mistreatment that occur in the workplace every single day.  Thousands upon thousands of employees are mistreated but never come forward to seek justice against those whom mistreated them.

At the law offices of Shegerian & Associates, we understand all aspects of workplace discrimination -- ranging from the emotional and mental toll it can take all the way to the available legal repercussions available to our clients.  We have an over 95% success rate, and have helped hundreds of clients receive compensation for their mistreatment, including:

  • $21.7 Million

    Verdict in Disability Discrimination Case

    April Rodriguez was awarded $16.5 million in punitive damages by a Los Angeles jury that found her former employer discriminated against her because of a mental disability and wrongfully fired her, bringing her total award to $21.7 million.

  • $2.1 Million

    Disability Discrimination Verdict For El Monte Employee

    Our client worked for years for a large corporation, and after many years of hard work our client needed worksite accommodations for minor disabilities.  The employer refused to accommodate her, and terminated her because of her disabilities.  Our client was awarded a jury verdict of $2,100,000.00 for being discriminated against for her disabilities.

Whether you've been discriminated against or mistreated, Shegerian & Associates has the knowledge and experience necessary to move your case forward and fight for your rights.  We have immense experience in the following practice areas:

Employment Law

Personal Injury

If you've been a victim of employment discrimination, contact Shegerian & Associates by e-mail or Call Us 24/7!LA (310) 860-0770 / NYC (212) 257-8883 for your free case assessment.

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    Figures are based on comparing the total California population and discrimination cases filed to the total population of Alhambra and are only an estimate.