Job Discrimination Attorney: Culver City

Culver City covers approximately five square miles and has a population of nearly 39,000 residents. The city boasts many large employers, primarily in the entertainment industry, with well over 7,500 jobs in that industry alone.1 While there are ample employment opportunities, there are also many opportunities for employee mistreatment and discrimination. Unfortunately, many employees suffer every single day because of discrimination and mistreatment at their place of employment. This is the reason so many in our state need an employment discrimination lawyer. Culver City could clearly stand to do better by its workers! The reality is that only a very small number of employees who are mistreated ever come forward to seek justice. Every day, thousands of employees in California, including some right here in Culver City, have their rights violated in the workplace, but they never come forward to assert their rights and seek resolution. But, if they contact a job discrimination lawyer, Culver City could send a strong message to employers that employee-abuse will not be tolerated. At Shegerian & Associates, we understand the complexities that surround any type of job discrimination, and our team has the experience to handle your case with care and attention to detail. We have a 98% success rate and, over the years, have won hundreds of verdicts for our clients including:

  • $21.7 Million

    Verdict in Disability Discrimination Case

    April Rodriguez was awarded $16.5 million in punitive damages by a Los Angeles jury that found her former employer had discriminated against her because of a mental disability and wrongfully fired her, bringing her total award to $21.7 million.
  • $2.8 Million

    Pregnancy Discrimination Verdict for Culver City Employee

    Our client worked for a large corporation and had to leave work to take a maternity leave of absence. When she tried to return to work after her maternity leave, she was terminated. A jury awarded her $2,800,000.00 based on this discrimination. Because she reached out to a job discrimination lawyer, Culver City was able to become a safer place for all employees.
Employment Discrimination Lawyers: Culver City
It doesn't matter where you work or what your job title is. Employers must obey the law when it comes to certain treatment of their workers. At Shegerian & Associates, we help our clients through a wide variety of workplace injustices, including:

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    Figures are based on comparing the total California population and discrimination cases filed to the total population of Culver City and are only an estimate.