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Beverly Hills’ history extends back to 1914, when it was first incorporated into the state of California. While it was a blip on the map then, it is now a household name due to its role in the entertainment industry. Currently, it is home to over 34,000 full-time residents and several large companies, primarily in the entertainment and hospitality sectors. Hotels in Beverly Hills employ over 4,000 employees, and talent and entertainment agencies employ over 3,000 employees.1 An unfortunate reality of workplaces today is that employees often suffer many types of discrimination and harassment on the job, even in affluent communities. If only more victims knew to find a job discrimination lawyer, Beverly Hills would be a better place to work! However, only a small fraction of those who are wronged in the workplace ever take action. Hundreds of thousands of other employees throughout California are discriminated against or treated improperly in the workplace, some for years and even decades. Many simply don't know that getting help is as easy as calling an employment discrimination lawyer. Beverly Hills employees should remember that they do have choices and ways of getting legal support! Shegerian & Associates is an advocate for employee rights and will help fight for you to receive compensation for the injustices committed against you by your employer. Over the years we've helped hundreds of clients fight for their rights and have a 98% success rate. Here are just a few local verdicts our job discrimination lawyers in Beverly Hills were able to get for our clients:

  • $21.7 Million

    Verdict in Disability Discrimination Case

    AApril Rodriguez was awarded $16.5 million in punitive damages by a Los Angeles jury. They found that her former employer discriminated against her because of a mental disability and wrongfully fired her. As a result, her total award was $21.7 million.
  • $500 Thousand

    Discrimination Verdict For Beverly Hills Employee

    Our client worked at a Beverly Hills drugstore and was harassed on the job from February of 2008 through January of 2009 due to an injury she sustained while working. Our client won her harassment lawsuit and a verdict of $500,000.00 by a jury of twelve persons in Los Angeles. Because she found a Shegerian & Associates job discrimination lawyer, Beverly Hills’ employers were reminded of the legal requirement that they treat all employees fairly
Employment Discrimination Lawyers: Beverly Hills
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    Figures are based on comparing the total California population and discrimination cases filed to the total population of Beverly Hills and are only an estimate.